Ramprasad Sen

Ramprasad Sen

Ramprasad Sen (1718 - 1775), the ecstatic poet-mystic of Bengal.

“O foolish mind, do not indulge in hatred for any sacred way if you wish to enter pure Reality. With desperate longing for truth alone, the singer of this song has plunged into the ocean of ancient Scriptures, discovering at last that my blissful Mother, her black hair falling free in ecstasy, is the living power within every religious symbol, the coherent core of every philosophy. She is the warrior spirit, Kali dancing, and she is Shiva, all-transcending. She is ineffable sweetness, Radha-Krishna, the love play that dissolves conventionality. She is Sita-Ram, compassionately wise, the complete evolution of humanity.”

– Ramprasad

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