We are preparing to begin our 2015 “Seeds of Loving Kindness” North American Tour.

This will be our fifth tour of America in as many years. We recently completed a 5 month tour during which gave more than 50 free events.

On the upcoming tour, we will be sowing Seeds of Loving Kindness across America.

We need some patrons for our next teaching tour. By becoming a patron, you will be a co-creator in this sacred endeavor.

If anyone is inspired to assist us in this sacred endeavor, there couldn’t be a better time to help. You can make a donation via the PayPal links below.

Or, if you choose another way to make a donation, contact us at:

The presentations that we’ll be giving on this tour are:

Secrets of the Siddhas – Health, Longevity & Enlightenment
Stories of Saints from many traditions who achieved the pinnacle of human evolution. We’ve given this over 600 times around the world.

Women of Wisdom
Stories of great women saints from many spiritual traditions

Messengers of Love
Stories of great Spiritual Masters throughout the Ages who proclaimed the message of Universal Love.

Herbs for Spiritual Development
Herbs that have been used by yogis, sages and hermits throughout the ages to promote health, develop clarity of mind and to attain higher states of consciousness.

Tea Ceremony – Cha Dao (the Way of Tea)
This is more than drinking tea. It is meditation and a way of life that promotes harmony with nature and our fellow humans.

Many people have said that attending our presentations changed their lives. Some have said that the message we shared was the answer to their prayers.

We love you all and pray for everyone’s health and happiness.
May all beings quickly attain full Enlightenment.

Love, Ganga and Tara

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