Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath

Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath

Soul Cry

“If Earth Peace is to hearld the dawn of
the New Age, realize:
“Humanity our uniting Religion,
Breath our uniting Prayer,
Consciousness our uniting God.”

“Open the petals of your heart
and let the light and love pour through.”

Mind Transformation

“As leaking vessel never can fill
Waters of Life so pure and still
So distracted mind fails to retain
Wisdom’s nectar in its brain

To ease disease of random mind
A remedy suitable we must find
A rhythmic breathing tension free
With absorption the sovereign key

Steady poise the arrow your will
And shoot the fleeting mind to still
The deer of thoughts, hinds & harts
Felled by your concentrated darts

As one by one they die away
Mind opens up to new day
Streams run tranquil willows sway
Here tame and gentle deer do play

Tamed and tuned to natures flow
Mind melts into the opal glow
Which radiates from the soul within
Where Wisdom’s mystic fire is King!”

Who is Surya?

“It is the seventh Sun behind our Lord, the Sun.
All the Suns are enveloped and interpenetrated by It;
and the subtler interpenetrating and enveloping the grosser,
breathing the Hamsa life into the vastness of creation,
animating every atom of our Universe, Surya,
the Central Spiritual Sun
is the Godessence enshrined in every Human Soul.
The Sun is the fact that enlivens the Livingness of Humanity.”

Siddhanath Yogi (the fifth level of initiation)

“Then stiller than stillness itself
with bated breath, I do behold
My rising Self-Sun’s nectar gold
I dissolve in that mystery untold.”

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