ASHLAND, Oregon: “Seeds of Loving-Kindness” Events

Seeds of Loving-Kindness 2013 American Tour

Ashland Events


Friday, October 25th,  7:00pm-10:00pm

Constance’s Community Room

809 Garden Way, Ashland, Oregon


Sunday October 27th, 7:00pm-10:00pm

The Headwaters, 84 4th St. Ashland, OR 97520


The intention of the Seeds of Loving-Kindness Tour is to awaken Loving-Kindness in the hearts of everyone in the World.

Ganga and Tara have lived in India for seven years. For the last four years, they have traveled around the world sharing a multimedia presentation called “Secrets of the Siddhas,” in which they tell inspiring stories about some of the greatest saints from various traditions. Ganga and Tara have shared “Secrets of the Siddhas” over 350 times around the world.

This year they have included Jampa Dorje, who recently returned from spending more than two years in the jungle of Nepal with Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha.

Dharma Sangha is the young man who the media called “Buddha Boy” when he meditated under a tree in Nepal for six years.  After 10 months of not eating or drinking and sitting in one position he gained worldwide attention. At present, between 2 and 3 million people have visited him in the jungle of Nepal.  His Universal message is non-sectarian and encompasses all religions. It is simply that what is most important is to experience every moment of your life with Loving-Kindness in your heart. Dorje will share inspiring stories of his journey, experiences  and teachings with Dharma Sangha.

“Ganga & Tara are master story-tellers… like the ancient teachers, their stories weave a beautiful tapestry of deep understanding borne of direct experiences among many great Souls of India and Tibet. My own deep love of Mother India was further ignited by their passion, their prose and their amazing pictures. Yet at a deeper level, their message of consciousness raising is so relevant today… theirs is a presentation that all should dive deeply into!” ~ Casey Hughes, Encinitas, CA

Maitri Mangalam

May all beings be loving and peaceful.

more information at:

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  1. I attended the Loving Kindness tour in San Luis Obispo. It was an extremely rich experience. The love, depth, and stories that were shared not only reached my heart, they blew my mind – double hit!
    I believe that what Gonga, Tara, and Jampa Dorje are sharing is where mankind is going. Yet it is HERE NOW. This is a thrilling and important tour.

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