Peter Deunov

Peter Deunov

Peter Deunov

“Nothing else is demanded of you but to be in harmony with the entire Universe.”

“Peacemakers are living in the Divine Fire.
Peacemaking is the Divine beam,
which comes from the depth of the human soul.
The peacemakers are the Sons of God.
Peacemaking is a Divine Light and it comes from the flame that has created it.”

“The greater the sacrifice one makes, the bigger one becomes.
The more sacrifices one makes, the wiser one becomes,
the stronger one becomes, and the better one becomes.
Good people have sacrificed themselves, that is why they are strong.”

“Open your hearts to the Divine and do not think about what will happen to you.
Open your minds to the sublime and bright thoughts and do not worry about tomorrow.”

“Joy should accompany you. Your mind cannot grow without joy.
Your mind cannot be strong if you have no peace.”

“Love is the only force that acts without any bias.
It opens your eyes instead of clouding them.
When you love, you can see clearly.
Only through love can you know people.”

“Love is the basis, the foundation of everything,
for it is a virtue that is blind to human mistakes, and is never offended.
Even in in the worst mistakes it only sees something positive.”

“I teach a great love, an active love, a love of kisses but also meaningful,
a love of feelings but also intense and noble, a love of power but of a light-giving power,
so that there may be love wherever we go!”

“Until now, man was living for himself. But from now on Mother Love,
as an impulse within the consciousness of humanity,
is urging an improvement for everyone without exception.
Therefore, all people must act together for the well-being and happiness of the whole of humanity”.

“Unconditional Mother Love is the door through which man can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Christ also pointed out to us that Love is the only path for salvation of the human soul.”

“Your Mother is coming.”

– Peter Deunov

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