Our Pilgrimage To India Begins


In a few hours, we get on a plane to fly to India for one year. It’s feels like the culmination of a long process that started when we were teenagers, reading books like “Siddhartha,” Shankara’s “Crest Jewel of Discrimination” and “The Compassionate Buddha.” It’s amazing that it took us this long to make our journey to the East, but perhaps we will appreciate it more after all the experiences we’ve had on the path.

In 2000, Tara and I decided to commit ourselves full-time to spiritual service. Since then, we’ve assisted four spiritual teachers and have met thousands of spiritual seekers. It’s been a wonderful six years. We’ve had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time working closely with amazing teachers, spreading the Dharma on the West. We feel very blessed to have had this chance to be of service and feel that it’s the reason we incarnated in America.

This trip to India is a milestone in our spiritual lives. For the last six years, we’ve been involved in Bhakti Yoga (devotion) and Karma Yoga (selfless service). For the next year, our work will be more internal. Several of our teachers have urged us to teach and we feel that this year in India will prepare us to be of greater service to humanity.

When we return from India in a year, we plan to offer a full series of lectures, classes, workshops and retreats to share what we have learned. While we’re in India, we’ll stay in touch via email but far less often then we have in the past.

Included in our new website at www.universalfellowshipoflight.org is a blog where we will post messages describing our adventures. You’re invited to check it regulary to stay in touch.

In addition, in the “Teachings” section of the new website, we’ve posted wonderful quotations from many of the highest spiritual masters throughout the history of the world. We highly recommend reading these quotations frequently. You’ll find that there is a great deal of spiritual power available in those words and they will lift you into higher levels of attention, filling you with Divine energies. We’ve collected many of these quotations over the years and they’ve been of great assitance when faced with difficult challenges. There is so much fear, tension and anger in the world today that people need inspiring thoughts more than ever to stay above the quagmire of human consciousness. Enjoy the spiritual quotations that we’ve collected. They are some of the gifts that we wanted to leave with you as we depart for Mother India.

Be well.

Light and Love,

Ganganath and Tara Leela
July 2006
Los Angeles, California

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