March 17th, Los Angeles, California: Wisdom of the Saints

Meher Baba  Sunday, March 17th           11:30am  to  2:30 pm

  Meher Baba Center of Los Angeles –        1214 South Van Ness Avenue,  Los Angeles, CA 90019


  Wisdom of the Saints 

Ganga and Tara will be presenting a 3 hour multimedia presentation called “Wisdom of the Saints” from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 17th, including a half hour intermission in which lunch will be offered.    Optional Tea and Socializing at 11:00 am.

Ganga and Tara have lived in India for the past 7 years, researching the lives of saints both ancient and modern. They have committed their lives to educating humanity about the great holy sages of India and have given this inspiring presentation, including photos and video, over 300 times around the world.

Ganga and Tara have been on the spiritual path for over 40 years. They believe that when we come together to focus on the great masters who strove to know God, it elevates our consciousness and brings us more into alignment with the Divine.

Please feel free to bring family or friends who you think would be interested. The event is free because Ganga and Tara do not believe in commercializing spirituality, however they gratefully accept voluntary donations, which supports their teaching around the world. All are welcome.

“Ganga & Tara are master story-tellers… like the ancient teachers, their stories weave a beautiful tapestry of deep understanding borne of direct experiences among many great Souls of India (and Tibet). My own deep love of Mother India was further ignited by their passion, their prose and their amazing pictures. Yet at a deeper level, their message of consciousness raising is so relevant today… theirs is a presentation that all should dive deeply into! — Casey Hughes, Encinitas, CA

Wisdom of the Saints” is not only an extraordinary spiritual lecture, it is the most powerful spiritual talk and inspirational presentation we have encountered in forty years of spiritual seeking. We highly recommend that everyone interested in spirituality and enlightenment attend “Wisdom of the Saints” to hear this beautiful message given by Ganga and Tara.”
— Neil J. Carman, Ph.D. and Elizabeth Carman coauthors of “Cosmic Cradle, Souls Waiting in the Wings for Birth”, Austin, Texas

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  1. Manoj Soral says:

    I’m from Mumbai, India and am a devotee of Mahavatar Babaji and Paramahansa Yogananda. I want to learn Kriya Yoga meditation. Can you help me learn it?

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