Article: An American’s Perspective On Indian Spirituality

This article appeared in the magazine The Science of Enlightenment and Immortality Vol. 1 Issue 2. An American’s Perspective On Indian Spirituality Why the teachings of Ramalinga Swami are vital for the survival of mankind.  By Ganganath For over forty years, I have been studying Eastern wisdom traditions, focusing primarily on the ancient Indian spiritual … [Read More]

Article: The Mysteries of Jesus and Mary: New Light from the Yogic Tradition of Indian Siddhas, by Ganganath

  Jesus Christ is certainly one of the greatest spiritual figures to have blessed the world and uplifted humanity over the past several millennia. While being the dominant spiritual influence in Western civilization, Jesus is also revered as a great prophet in Islam as well as one of many avatars, or God-men, for Hindus. While … [Read More]

Article: Vaastu – the Ancient Science of Living in Harmony with Nature

 An article, written by Ganganath (Thomas Royer), entitled “Vaastu – the ancient science of living in harmony with Nature” was published in issue 17 of Caduceus magazine.

Speech: Ganganath Speaks to the Assembly at Vadalur, Tamil Nadu, India

In December of 2007, Ganganath and Tara Leela made a pilgrimage to Vadalur in Tamil Nadu, India. Vadalur was the home of one of the greatest Siddha Saints of all time, Ramalinga Swami (Vallalar). Ramalinga Swami lived in the 1800’s and acheived an extremely rare highly advanced state of spiritual development. He progressively purified his … [Read More]

Speech: Ganganath Speaks at Feeding of the Poor in Bangalore

On February 17, 2008, Ganganath and Tara Leela were invited to attend the Thai Poosam celebration held at the Vadalur Sri Jothi Ramalinga Swamigal Sanamarkka Sangam in Bangalore, where the poor have been fed continually since 1972. Ganganath addressed the assembly telling them that India has a special purpose as the spiritual heart of the … [Read More]