A message for our friends

The most important thing that I’d like to share with those of you who are reading this blog is that everything that you ever dreamed of, aspired to, or wished for regarding spirituality and enlightenment is possible. Not only is it possible. It can definitely be attained in this lifetime.

If you’ve been on the spiritual path for many years and haven’t experienced what you expected, don’t be discouraged. You can, and will, experience enlightenment. If you were disappointed by teachers that you felt didn’t have integrity, or if you got turned off by the politics of spiritual organizations, don’t be dismayed. If you’ve been meditating for years, but wonder why you haven’t experienced what the guru’s described in the books that inspired you in your youth, don’t blame yourself. If you lost hope and got diverted along the way, please don’t settle for anything less than what you know in your heart is your true purpose in life. As all the saints and sages throughout the ages have said, “Human life is precious. Don’t waste it.”

Find an authentic enlightened teacher that suits you and apply yourself to practicing what they teach. A living Siddha master can speed up your process and make possible short cuts in what could otherwise take lifetimes. Our experience at Sri Sai Kaleshwar’s Soul University in Penukonda, India has demonstrated to us without a shadow of a doubt that we are all divine souls and have infinite potential.

Jesus Christ said, “Even the least among you will do greater wonders than these.” He was an incarnation of Pure Love and was telling the Truth. Believe him.

Have the courage to throw off all obstacles that are hindering your spiritual development and are keeping you from achieving your purpose in life. As Buddha said, “You must desire enlightenment as intensely as someone who is trying to escape from a burning building.” Take a stand for your Self. Be courageous. Become fearless. Be a hero.

Once you have committed yourself and set your intention for enlightenment, the Divine will respond and support you. This is guaranteed. It’s a Divine law but first you must make the choice. Once you have whole-heartedly dedicated yourself to attaining Enlightenment, Self-realization, the Ultimate Reality, God-Realization, it is in the hands of the Divine and it will come to pass.

Don’t think that only special people become enlightened. This is one of the biggest obstacles to enlightenment. The spiritual history of the world is full of examples of ordinary people, and even the biggest sinners, who attained enlightened.

Milarepa, the most famous saint in Tibet, earlier in his life, was a black magician who was responsible for killing many people. After his family was murdered in a land dispute, Milarepa, in order to gain revenge, conjured up a hail storm to kill his enemies. Later, Milarepa became the disciple of Marpa, in the lineage of the Indian Siddhas Tilopa and Naropa, and attained enlightenment.

In Christianity, and throughout other religions, there are numerous examples of prostitutes attaining enlightenment and God-realization. Jesus stopped the crowd from stoning the prostitute Mary Magdelene, who then became his closest disciple. This is not rare. Many spiritual traditions speaks of prostitutes attaining great mastership and realization. Perhaps this is to make it clear that even those who are the most looked down upon by society can attain enlightenment?

Also, in the Christian tradition, the conversion of Paul on the road to Damascus comes to mind. Paul was a fanatical persecutor of saints. He would provoke the saints to blaspheme and then he’d testify against them in court, resulting in them being put to death. He’d even travel to other cities to do this evil work. While traveling on the road to Damascus one day, Paul saw a light in the sky and fell down in fear before it. The light spoke to him and asked, “Why do you persecute me?” Paul asked the light who it was and the light replied, “I am Christ and when you persecute them, you persecute me.” Paul was instantly converted on the spot.

If the likes of black magicians, prostitutes and the murderers of saints can become enlightened, surely we can too. God’s grace, the Divine Light and Love, can descend to bless anyone, anywhere, at any time. In fact, it is always blessing us, but we are just too busy looking the other away. All that is required is for us to turn toward it and open our hearts to receive it. As Shirdi Sai Baba said, “Take one step toward me and I will take ten steps toward you.”

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