Archives for December 2006

The Amulet Market in Bangkok

Back in India, when we were studying the Lonely Planet City Guide, looking for low-priced things to do in Bangkok, we learned about the Amulet Market. After enjoying our first, of several, delicious meals in Thailand, we decided to find the Amulet Market and check it out. We took the water taxi, which only cost … [Read More]

The Buddhist Temples Of Bangkok

One of the best things about going to Bangkok is visiting the Buddhist temples. The word for “temple” in the Thai language is “wat.” The Thai temples are incredibly beautiful and there are hundreds of them. As you travel around the city, you see their gleaming gold pagodas shining above the surrounding walls. Some are … [Read More]

A Conversation Of Mantras

Within a few hours of waking up, on our first morning in Bangkok, we had an experience that we’ll never forget. We woke up hungry, having skipped dinner the night before. Our first thought was to find one of the vegetarian restaurants that we’d seen recommended in The Lonely Planet City Guide to Bangkok. It … [Read More]

Our Thailand Adventure Begins

One of the challenges of spending time in India for an extended duration is how to fulfill the requirement of the Indian government that tourists do not stay in the country for longer than six months. The solution is to take a vacation to somewhere nearby like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore or Thailand and then … [Read More]